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The Finale

Recap episode of season 01 feat. Robin and Matt (@thekurse)

licensed/ un-licensed

We debate the age old question, as a professional should you be licensed or un-licensed? @lxvesosa feat. @be.lechendary @ambitious_angelo @happynissss

The Sound of Happynissss

featuring Anissa Ramirez and her incredible story. @happynissss

Your Most Powerful Tool

Featuring @be.lechendary @lady_leche and @ambitious_angelo


Music and the parallels to other businesses talk featuring @Playnskillz @iamscottsummers and @djskiroc

Fly Convo

The birth of the fly Convo with Hawk @_thehawkvision

The Power of Exclusivity

Thomas Navarro (@be.lechendary), and I elaborate on the power of exclusivity. The road less traveled will always be the hardest one but will also be the most rewarding.

The Cost of Success

feat @barberologist @marysummahair @theedgebarber @patty_cuts

I’m not a motivational speaker

"I can create the spark but I can never light the flame. That is your job, that is your responsibility." Take a listen and let's talk about... Find me @lxvesosa on Twitter and Instagram.

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