Barber by day, visionary by night, Sosa is a revolutionary thinker, dreamer, and doer in our world today, inspiring people near and far to his residency in Las Vegas to get up, get out there, and seize the world. Through his podcast, Limited Availability, Jose is able to impart his daily thoughts and musings, challenging listeners to think beyond themselves and envision a new reality that is within reach – if only they will dare to dream it.

For his entire life, Jose has been pushing the people around him to achieve their truest and fullest potential. He knows better than anyone that many times, we are our own worst enemies, bringing ourselves down before we even have a chance to stand up. To Sosa, promoting self-confidence, creative thinking, and individuality is key in a world marred by criticism.

With available podcasts titled The Power of Exclusivity, The Cost of Success, and I’m Not a Motivational Speaker, Sosa isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with his vulnerability, showing everyone what it means to be human. Impressively releasing each podcast in a Spanish version as well for all Spanish-speaking followers, Sosa puts in the work to ensure people, from every walk of life, are able to tune in and share in the Limited Availability community.

Leveraging his entrepreneurial spirit, which started in his home of Yonkers, New York, Jose has opened dozens of different business ventures and platforms over the stint of his professional career, leading him to the next logical step of hosting his very own podcast.

When asked what makes Limited Availability to top podcast of 2019, Jose responded, “I am someone who is constantly looking to push the envelope. I want to create something different; something no one else has ever done before.”

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